Make Your Waxing Last Longer Natural

The myths about waxing being terribly painful, that it can cause wrinkles, or that you need to shave in between sessions make many people think twice.

Coming fresh out of the salon after a waxing session is one of the best feelings. But this feeling doesn’t really last long. Just after 10 days, you will start noticing that pesky little hair peeking through the hair follicles, excited to come out.

But what if we could delay the re-growth of hair and enjoy our waxing results for an extended period of time?


Wash your skin with gentle soap and water to remove excess oils. Don’t use toners or disinfectants – these will close up your pores and make for more painful removal.

Let your hair grow

If you want to take the full advantage of your waxing session then make sure that the hair you are deciding to get waxed is at least ½ an inch in length. If your hair is very small they may not get waxed or may take a lot of attempts in order to get removed which can be very painful and may even bruise your skin.

Hydrate Your Skin In The Proper Way

Your skin must be well hydrated before you go out to get a waxing done. Thus, moisturize it well prior to the procedure, because dry skin tends to cause hair breakage, so that hair doesn’t get removed from the roots and re-growth will take place sooner.

Let A Pro Do It

Waxing at home is definitely an economical idea, but we advise you to let a professional do it, for better and long-lived results. After years of practice, you can trust their manner of applying wax and removing hair effectively.

Think long-term

The beauty of waxing is that with regular sessions, the need to wax decreases. “With continual waxing (not shaving) hair will grow in a steady cycle, and grow weaker and more sparse, which means you can go a longer time between waxing.

Exfoliate prior waxing

Use a body scrub, loofah, sponges or a pumice stone to exfoliate your skin. This will get rid of the dead skin on the top so that the finer hair or ingrowths can come out

Article Source: Apples Health

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