Lemon With Aloe Vera Gel Can Give New Life To Dull Skin

We all have these ingredients in our kitchen but most of the time we underestimate the powder of those. Believe me girls sometimes natural ingredients can really do wonder to your skin that no other expensive beauty products can’t do. The only limitation with natural remedy is that you have to prepare and use it instantly, you can not store this like other cosmetic products

One such natural remedy is given below, use this regularly for 1 week and you will get permanent results

This remedy will complete in 2 easy steps, it will tighten your skin pores, will remove dark circles and will give a new life to your dull skin

You will need

Aloe vera gel

Step 1

Cut Lemon in two parts
Take one half part of this lemon
Pour some aloe vera gel on top of this lemon
Now rub this lemon gently on your skin for 5 minutes
After 5 minutes scrubbing wash your face with plain water and pat dry

Step 2

Now dip this lemon on sugar and again rub this lemon on your face
Press lemon gently while rubbing so juice comes out
Do this scrubbing for 10 minutes
Wash your face with plain water
Follow these 2 steps 3 times a week

Article Source: Apples Health

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